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While working for Mainux, I helped create Fitbux's design system, UI, and branding using Figma. I was responsible for overhauling their current branding and updating it to modern standards.


FitBUX combines innovative technology and free FitBUX Coaches to help you develop and implement your financial plan.

They've helped over 11,000 Young Professionals make good decisions on student loans, retirement, home buying, and so much more. We can help you do the same.

The Problem

  • New graduates have trouble managing their finances
  • People don't have a plan for paying off student loan debt
  • People have trouble tracking expenses and budgeting

Target Audience

  • Young professionals and recent graduates
  • People with student loan debt
  • People struggling with finances


Mobills, Walnut, Spendee, YNAB, Mint

The Aesthetic

I took inspiration from Fitbux's cool blue color scheme and existing branding and added some accent hues for the app. I wanted a clean, modern, neumorphic aesthetic to give it a modern feel.

We chose Poppins for the font for it's clean geometric forms. The design uses lots of gradients, transparency, and background blur to achieve the look. We started the project with a style guide to nail down the theme elements and integrate the current branding.

The Process

The app had complex, lengthy form sections that collected various financial data that we split up into sections. The client felt strongly about how they wanted certain parts of these to function, so we worked with them when building these out.

The main section of the app was a dashboard with a lot of complex data widgets and we had to carefully lay these out to fit across different device sizes. There was also a contact section to interact with your Fitbux coach. The design system had well over 50 components.

The Solution

  • User friendly financial platform.
  • Users can link their bank account and build a financial profile.
  • Users can track spending.
  • Users can set a budget & categorize expenses.
  • Users can set saving goals.
  • Users are connected with a Fitbux coach, certified financial advisor to guide them and help make decisions.